Episode 7

Family Game Night, by Whitney Marlett, Nick Lewis, and Gomez Notourcat.

Karma Police, performed by Brian Garcia-Brown.

Traffic and Weather with Werner Herzog, by Nick Lewis.

She’s Leaving Home, performed by Steve Feinstein.

Day #5, April 7, 2020, of Steve plays the Beatles in April. This one was requested by Hillary W Romero and she chose "She's Leaving Home", and has me singing harmony with myself and playing a second guitar part. If you enjoy the video please share it with your friends. See you tomorrow.

Posted by Steve Feinstein on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Anchor, by Papa Nick.

Episode 6

To-do List, by Joel C. Williams.

Letters from the Kitchen, by Whitney Marlett and Nick Lewis.

In My Room, performed by Papa Nick Lewis.

Desperate Times–Desperate Measures: The Mother of Invention Strikes Again, by Nick Lewis.

Five (Same Kind of Squirrelly), by Papa Nick.

Episode 5-A

Due to popular demand, we’ve added a second version of Steve Feinstein’s “You Can’t Gaslight a Pandemic,” with lyrics added. Enjoy!

Episode 5

You Can’t Gaslight a Pandemic, by Steve Feinstein.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: The Mother of Invention, by Nick Lewis.

She Breathes, by Austin Forrest.

This week’s guest video: A Little Priest, by John Stillwaggon.

(They Call Me) Gomez, by Papa Nick.

Episode 4

Just in time for Easter, The Last Brunch, by Whitney Marlett.

Together, Forever, by Rob Hancox.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: Share and Share Alike, by Nick Lewis.

Disney Magic! At Home! by Whitney Marlett and Nick Lewis.

Happy We, by Papa Nick.

Episode 3

Desperate Times–Desperate Measures: Contact, by Nick Lewis.

Grade School, by Austin Forrest.

Daisies, by Joel C. Williams.

Emoji Love, by Papa Nick.

Episode 2

Quarantine, by Papa Nick.

Desperate Times–Desperate Measures: Sophie’s Other Choice, by Nick Lewis.

In the Dark and Hard to Kill Heart, by Jules Vaquera.

The New Odd Couple, by Gomez and Nick.

My Little Ukulele, performed by Papa Nick.

Episode 1

Welcome, by Whitney Marlett.

Desperate Times–Desperate Measures: Applied Math, by Nick Lewis.

Massive Perturbers, by Papa Nick.

Welcome, Part 2, by Whitney Marlett.