About Our Artists

Steve Feinstein is a performing musician from San Antonio. For the last 15 years he has entertained audiences in South Texas regularly (although not now due to the pandemic) in one band or another. Currently Steve performs in two bands cleverly named Steve and Don, and Sharon and Steve. He has a couple of albums out with originals. “You Can’t Gaslight a Pandemic” was written long distance, shelter-in-place with his brother Jeff Feinstein who lives in New Jersey. Check out Steve’s daily Beatles videos on his Facebook page. Or check out either or both of his bands here and/or here.

Austin Forrest makes his living entertaining audiences with energetic, soulful performances of blues, pop, soul, R&B and singer-songwriter tunes. From song to song, Austin shifts easily between soulful belting and breathy serenade, likewise changing his lead guitar flavor from fast swinging blues riffs to tasteful melodic improvisation. Whatever the nature of the tune, though, he remains fully committed to rhythm and groove, and his bluesy roots are ever apparent. For more info, go here.

Brian Garcia-Brown is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer and composer.  He has published work for commercial, film and TV purposes and holds 3 ATAC awards for his scores and sound design in theatre. Follow his artist page (BGB) on Facebook, and you can find his commercial and theatre work here.

Rob Hancox has spent 40 years playing guitar and has always loved playing for other people, but he says, “It was the last 5 years or so that have been the most rewarding, playing with Papa Nick. I must not have been that good because he made me play bass.” He kids.

Don Hymel is twice retired, once from the USAF and again from corporate America. He spends his time now as a solo performer and half of Steve and Don Music with Steve Feinstein. He also does voice work and acting. He was vocalist, guitarist, and chief lyricist for The Tim and Bob Show for over a decade. Tim and Bob’s CD Take It Outside is still sold at gigs. Don’s solo CD Ain’t Too Tired was released in 2018.

Mary Lou Hymel performs with Don on occasion and was also a member of The Tim and Bob Show. She is also a USAF retiree, and hopes to become twice retired herself this year.  

Nick Lewis is a singer/songwriter (known locally as “Papa Nick”) and general wiseass. He has been performing as a gigging musician in San Antonio for the past six years and has recorded two albums of original material. (He’s been a wiseass all his life.) For more information on the musical empire that is Papa Nick’s Music, go here.

Whitney Marlett is a San Antonio actor/director and writer. She’s been doing this stuff, literally, her entire life.

Gomez Notourcat is the stage name of the social media influencer who lives across the back fence from StayCay Cabaret’s studios and administrative offices. After starting off his career with a wildly popular presence on Facebook and Instagram, he has ventured into acting, writing, and filmmaking.

John Stillwaggon misses his job of performing onstage around San Antonio with his immensely talented friends and colleagues; as you can see in “A Little Priest,” his current co-star is a vast downgrade. But a major silver lining to the Quarantine is being hunkered down with his beautiful, hilarious, talented, wonderful wife Carolyn.

Jules Vaquera is a singer, songwriter, poet, and playwright. She digs all things performance art, and has been performing in San Antonio for nearly 15 years. Instead of posting for donations for herself, she asks that all donations go directly to The Overtime Theater where she serves on the board of directors.

Joel C. Williams is a singer, songwriter, and recording artist based in San Antonio, Texas. His genres include rock, country, pop, and alternative (whatever that means). You can find songs he wrote under the band name “Long Lost Notes” or the artist name “Joel C. Williams.” For more info, go here.