Episode 10

We’ve made it to ten episodes, so we thought we’d stop this week and take a look back. These are the five videos we’ve posted with the most views. (Note: only videos published through StayCay Cabaret were counted for this list.)

Coming in at #5, it’s (They Call Me) Gomez, by Papa Nick!

At #4, we have Welcome to StayCay Cabaret, Part 1, by Whitney Marlett!

At #3, Disney Magic! At Home!, by Whitney Marlett and Nick Lewis!

Our #2 video (in a very close race for #1) is You Can’t Gaslight a Pandemic, by Steve Feinstein!

And finally, barely edging out a lead, our #1 video is Quarantine, by Papa Nick!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look back at our first ten weeks. We’ll be back next week with all new content, so keep checking us out!