Episode 11

That’s All, by Don Hymel.

I love it when he sings this song!

Posted by Mary Lou Hymel on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Desperate Times–Desperate Measures: The Mother of Invention Meets Her Match, by Nick Lewis.

Parallel Universe, by BGB (Brian Garcia-Brown).

Bad Quarantine Roommates: Sleestaks, by Nick Lewis.

And I Love Her, by Steve Feinstein.

Episode 10

We’ve made it to ten episodes, so we thought we’d stop this week and take a look back. These are the five videos we’ve posted with the most views. (Note: only videos published through StayCay Cabaret were counted for this list.)

Coming in at #5, it’s (They Call Me) Gomez, by Papa Nick!

At #4, we have Welcome to StayCay Cabaret, Part 1, by Whitney Marlett!

At #3, Disney Magic! At Home!, by Whitney Marlett and Nick Lewis!

Our #2 video (in a very close race for #1) is You Can’t Gaslight a Pandemic, by Steve Feinstein!

And finally, barely edging out a lead, our #1 video is Quarantine, by Papa Nick!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look back at our first ten weeks. We’ll be back next week with all new content, so keep checking us out!

Episode 9-A

Stop the presses, folks! There were two more videos that were scheduled to post today!

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, performed by Malcolm Myler.

More Nothin, by Don Hymel.

Don Hymel has another Wednesday song for you. He wrote this one!

Posted by Mary Lou Hymel on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

And that should do it for this week!

Episode 9

From the Beginning, performed by Rob Hancox with Papa Nick.

Caliban – The Tempest, by John Stillwaggon.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, perfomed by Steve Feinstein.

Uncle Brink’s Puzzle Playhouse, by Nick Lewis.

Simple Things, by Papa Nick.

Episode 8

Finally Found a Home, by Austin Forrest.

Desperate Times–Desperate Measures: Son of Mother of Invention, by Nick Lewis.

Summer Heat, by R.E.L. and Bryan Hamilton.

All You Need Is Love, by Steve Feinstein.

Words with Friends: Richard Wilmore and “Papa Nick” Lewis discuss songwriting.

Words with Nick Lewis

Nick Lewis is a singer/songwriter (known locally as “Papa Nick”). He has been performing as a gigging musician in San Antonio for the past 6 years and has recorded two albums of original material. Currently at work on his third album, Papa Nick is also managing StayCayCabaret.com, a forum for online performing arts in San Antonio.

Posted by Hearts Need Art on Monday, April 27, 2020

Circus Monkeys, by Papa Nick.

Episode 7

Family Game Night, by Whitney Marlett, Nick Lewis, and Gomez Notourcat.

Karma Police, performed by Brian Garcia-Brown.

Traffic and Weather with Werner Herzog, by Nick Lewis.

She’s Leaving Home, performed by Steve Feinstein.

Day #5, April 7, 2020, of Steve plays the Beatles in April. This one was requested by Hillary W Romero and she chose "She's Leaving Home", and has me singing harmony with myself and playing a second guitar part. If you enjoy the video please share it with your friends. See you tomorrow.

Posted by Steve Feinstein on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Anchor, by Papa Nick.