Episode 6

To-do List, by Joel C. Williams.

Letters from the Kitchen, by Whitney Marlett and Nick Lewis.

In My Room, performed by Papa Nick Lewis.

Desperate Times–Desperate Measures: The Mother of Invention Strikes Again, by Nick Lewis.

Five (Same Kind of Squirrelly), by Papa Nick.

Episode 5-A

Due to popular demand, we’ve added a second version of Steve Feinstein’s “You Can’t Gaslight a Pandemic,” with lyrics added. Enjoy!

Episode 5

You Can’t Gaslight a Pandemic, by Steve Feinstein.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: The Mother of Invention, by Nick Lewis.

She Breathes, by Austin Forrest.

This week’s guest video: A Little Priest, by John Stillwaggon.

(They Call Me) Gomez, by Papa Nick.

Episode 4

Just in time for Easter, The Last Brunch, by Whitney Marlett.

Together, Forever, by Rob Hancox.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: Share and Share Alike, by Nick Lewis.

Disney Magic! At Home! by Whitney Marlett and Nick Lewis.

Happy We, by Papa Nick.

Episode 3

Desperate Times–Desperate Measures: Contact, by Nick Lewis.

Grade School, by Austin Forrest.

Daisies, by Joel C. Williams.

Emoji Love, by Papa Nick.