Just because you can’t go out, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy local performing arts!

What Is StayCay Cabaret?

In response to the spread of coronavirus and the infection it leads to, COVID-19, we are all being encouraged to practice social distancing, avoiding large groups and maintaining a generous personal space buffer when we have to go out (and avoiding going out at all if we can). Social distancing is a reasonable and beneficial response to the spread of this virus.

Unfortunately, this common sense response to a spreading infection is detrimental to the performing arts. As artists, we find that our means of artistic expression (not to mention our means of income) are being closed down, and as patrons, we have drastically less access to local performing arts.

In response, we have developed StayCay Cabaret! Since we’re all pretty much on strongly encouraged staycation mode for the next couple of months, we thought it would be good to gather works by local San Antonio performing artists for your enjoyment! (And if we make a few bucks to replace money lost during this time, that’s good, too!) If you can’t go out to the theatre or a musician’s gig, then we’ll bring them to you!

Every week, StayCay Cabaret will post a new selection of videos generated by San Antonio area artists. If you like what you see, hit the donate button below! (Even if you don’t like what you see, consider hitting that donate button. A lot of us are finding it extremely challenging to pay our bills!)

Thanks for your support, and welcome to StayCay Cabaret!

This Week’s Episode

Episode 33

Tales from the Couch–Why?, by Nick Lewis. Brown Eyed Blues, by Austin Forrest. Nowhere Man, by SharonandSteve. https://fb.watch/1VdXc2lzcb/ Hard to Kill a Heart, by Jules Vaquera. Jackson, by Don and Mary Lou Hymel. https://www.facebook.com/1428126734/videos/10224776641389880/ Creeper at the Bar, by Papa Nick Lewis.

Episode 32

I’m Happy Just to Dance with You, by Steve Feinstein. I Call Your Name, by Don Hymel. https://www.facebook.com/1428126734/videos/10224728858915348/ In My Life, by Papa Nick Lewis. Veteran’s Music Fest!, live stream from 11/11/2020.

Episode 31

Public Service Announcement, by StayCay Cabaret. The One on the Right, by Don Hymel. https://www.facebook.com/1428126734/videos/10224607512761770/ My Candidate (A Political Song), by Papa Nick Lewis. Cubed, directed by Caleb Straus and written by Gabriel Luera.